BRUNCH EDITION: {thyme to indulge bistro}

We. Love. Brunch.


When we heard about the extensive weekend menu at Thyme to Indulge, we had to pay a visit.

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Back in business

With what has almost been a four month long hiatus, we can safely  confirm that tastyvancity is back! Our four month long summer break  has been a rather productive one in areas other than blogging. Summer semesters and travel sure kept the both of us occupied.

Our first order of business?

Well, the past month I (G) have been in Asia.  Three weeks of eating out  has led to me to come across some amazing finds which I am eager to share with you. I realize this is a Vancouver based food blog, but hopefully it can be be of some insight for your own (future)  travels!

Stay tuned for our Asia series!