Burgoo (Kitsilano)

G and I are definitely no strangers to comfort food. Naturally, Burgoo has bccome our go-to for that very craving; however, we decided to give the new location a try to see how it measured up against it other siblings. Located on the corner of 4th and Vine (diagonal from the Safeway), the restaurant front greets its patron with a sign of the daily special. Boasting an Aged White Cheddar and Cauliflower soup and a Mama’s Meatball sandwich, we were more than eager for the food we were about to consume.

Unfortunately, the place doesn’t have a patio area but it does have an area that lets the light in with its enormous windows. Another way to explain it would be my poor choice of a comparison to a greenhouse. All the tables in that area were occupied so we had to sit in the interior of the restaurant (which was pretty spacious). Hopefully (if you decide to check it out) that you luck out with a seating at the gorgeous spot of the restaurant!

tastyvancity ordered:

Strawberry Lemonade

We’ve been coaxed by the servers on every visit to try the strawberry lemonade. I finally gave in this and ordered it to go with my macaroni and cheese.  First impressions: a bit too sour, so you really have to stir it up since the syrup and strawberry chunks have settled at the bottom. I enjoyed it but felt that there wasnt too much strawberry flavouring.


Soup and Sandwich – $15

Aged White Cheddar and Cauliflower Soup

I was hoping for a more prominent cauliflower taste but the aged white cheddar definitely outpowered the soup. You could tell that the cauliflower was pureed into the soup and they even added more cheese on top when it is served. Even though I’m a fan of cheese, it thought it was a bit too much! That’s just me being nitpicky, but overall the experience was pretty good; next time, I would resume my norm of Crab Bisque.



Served on a toasted baquette with guacamole and mayo, it was definitley a more chunkier sandwich than your norm. The pieces of lettuce was piled and it was really hard to devour the sandwich because it made it harder to eat (maybe I just have a small mouth)! The bacon pieces were crispy and the baquette was warm and toasty. This is definitely a good failsafe choice of a sandwich at Burgoo. It’s yummy and tasty without being too adventurous if you choose not to be that day!


Mac n Cheese – $12

By far the best macaroni and cheese I’ve had (to date). I recommend this to everyone- macaroni and cheese fan or not. The menu describes it as loaded with aged white cheddar, which IT DEFINITELY IS. And as you can tell from the pictures, there is no skimping of cheese at all. The aged white cheddar was completely melted  (no lumpiness) and integrated with the macaroni, creating a sauce almost.  And if that isn’t enough it was blanketed with another layer of cheese and baked until golden.

Of course, I also asked the server for tabasco sauce on the side. Mac and Cheese + Tabasco sauce= your mouth’s heaven on earth.



  • neighbourhood parking nearby (block away).
  • consistent dishes.
  • menu variety.
  • good sized portions.
  • a safe go-to for comfort food.


  • meter parking at the storefront.
  • can be quite pricey.
  • no outdoor patio unlike other locations.
  • quite dark sitting in the back of restaurant.

Will we return?

Yes. May possibly  opt to head to this location instead of the one on W 10th

-g & s.

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