TRAVEL EDITION: Dessert House/ B Tsai’s (Calgary)

I first came across B Tsais/Dessert House way back in first year and have been back periodically since.  They’re known for their dessert bowls like baobing: Taiwanese shaved ice 刨冰, and you are given the option to select whichever ingredients you want in it depending on the price point.

Example: Bowl with tapioca, taro, beans, grass jelly, strawberries etc. You get the gist.

This place never disappoint unless it’s a Monday the only day they’re closed. Too many times have we had dinner at Ho-Won on a Monday  and hoped to have dessert next door at B Tsai’s, only to find the lights off and doors locked.

tastyvancity ordered:

Deep Fried Squid Feelers

The Dessert House (B-Tsai) on Urbanspoon

BY FAR THE BEST SQUID FEELERS IVE HAD IN MY YEARS OF EXISTENCE! If I had to recommend one thing at DH, it’d be this. The batter is light and when combined with the worchestershire sauce, it is simply an orgy in the mouth. Maybe the secret ingredient to this is crack, because it definitely has SG and I hooked. (*Jk. I do not condone the use of drugs )


Satay Fish Tofu

Reminds me of night market food, though I don’t think satay is an available option at the Richmond Night Market. I’ve only seen curry fish balls and fish tofu. Reminds me of my mom’s home made satay sauce but this one was a tad too oily.


Mixed Fresh Fruit with Fruit Juice (Honeydew and Mango) and Tapioca

We used to come here often for the mixed fruit,tapioca bowls but it really has been a while.  Since then they revamped their menu it was a little confusing to navigate through and we mistook this dish.

In regards to this fruit bowl, I can’t say I’m a fan. SG chose honeydew, while I picked mango. Strange combination and quite  runny. A definite PASS.



  • Extensive menu ranging from xiao long bao to tofu desserts.
  • An array of street foods in the comfort of a restaurant seating.
  • Clean, bright, spacious.
  • Open late.


  • SLOW service.
  • Service not friendly, often times they appear annoyed.
  • Paid street parking.
  • Can get quite busy in the evening.

Will I return?:

Yes, my unhealthy fried squid addiction will have me coming back and there aren’t too many hk style dessert house alternatives in Calgary so my business will have to go to them.

Overall: 8/10

***SG= my trusty calgarian cohort


The Dessert House (B-Tsai) on Urbanspoon


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