TRAVEL EDITION: A day at T&T (Northeast Calgary)

our delicious spread!

T&T is most certainly an interesting dining experience. They serve both hot and cold foods as well as different types of cuisine. Not very authentic and also if you dont mind having premade food in a cafeteria-like setting…

From viet salad rolls to Taiwanese beef noodle to dim sum and cold appies… MMMMMM. Simply purchase your meals in store (they give you a green sticker as proof of purchase), and unbox your goodies in the eating area.

SG and I had our little indoor picnic at T&T. Did I bring up how cost efficient it is? Saved us from spending $20+ on lunch! An added bonus: There’s a Tea Ren kiosk serving a large variety of bubble tea’s!

There’s a lot of seating  in the NE Harvest Hills location, something you won’t find at the Richmond or Metrotown T&T’s back in Vancouver. We were there for quite some time since we had sufficient space to eat comfortably.

My mother has always refused to buy premade sushi at T&T since their  food preparation  practices are constantly put to question. I don’t know how credible these claims are, but we purchased a box of nigiri anyway. Hunger calls!

SG chose the fried prawns, dumplings and egg tarts while I devoured a majority of the nigiri. Good news is, I didn’t have to make trips to the bathroom from eating it.

Overall, I think I’d give it a solid 6.5/10.

Have you had the chance to *dine* at T&T?

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