SG  and I are terrible at waking up for breakfast, but  thankfully diner deluxe is open till 9 30pm. Thank goodness that all day breakfast joints exist. Perfect for late risers like us! Diner Deluxe is well known for their breakfast poutine which consists of aged cheese and hollandaise sauce over the hashbrowns (i’m guessing) .  Just our luck, they were out of hollandaise sauce, so we had to settle without.

Phil & Sebastian 15 Kilo Coffee- $2.95

 I was pleased to learn that Diner Deluxe serves Phil & Sebastian coffee, as I had wanted to make the journey down to Marda Loop for some.

First Impressions: Rich/ fragrant, did the job in keeping me awake

Definitely on a different league than your Mcdicks or Timmy Ho’s coffee


Blackcurrant Spritzer- $2.95

Delicious, but pricey at $2.95 when you’d probably find the same thing at many Vancouver Hong Kong Style Cafe’s in the $2-$2.50 range and with lemon too!


House Made Alberta Beef Burger with Yam Wedges- $12.95

SG remarked that it was a good size, bun wasn’t too large & overwhelming for the hands. Juicy patty, and as you can see… packed with a variety of toppings.  He substituted the usual side of  fries with yam wedges at an additional cost. Little did we know that the mayo was also an additional charge : \ It was a little confusing since the yam wedges stand alone appie came with the mayo.

SG wasn’t too fond of the aftertaste from the  Pink Peppercorn mayo. In all honesty, I think yam fries or wedges are best served with a lemon aioli.


Forest Mushroom, Sundried Tomato, Spinach, Green Onion & Feta Omelette- $11.95

I was still a little disappointed that they had run out of hollandaise sauce. My omelette meal was incomplete without it and I had so desperately wanted to try the breakfast routine. I asked for some tabasco sauce for my omelette. Tabasco sauce makes EVERYTHING BETTER.  True story. Omelettes, Mac N’ Cheese, Fried Rice… you name it.

The  omelette itself was quite fluffy which I enjoyed.  I would have preferred that there would be more slices of mushrooms and spinach.

I inhaled the hash browns I gave SG all my multi grain toast. He complains that I always give him my unfinished food but I have a strong suspicion he secretly likes  it.



  • Friendly, quick service.
  • All day breakfast.
  • Support local farms, and everything is made from scratch.
  • Retro decor.


  • On the pricey end.
  • We had to seat ourselves.
  • They ran out of hollandaise sauce by 230 pm. 😦

Will I return?:

Sure, although I still have a few other breakfast places (overeasy) I would like to visit before I make my return. I would also like to sample their breakfast poutine.

Overall: 7/10


***SG= Samwise Gamgee my trusty Calgarian cohort
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