Cafe Zen (Kitsilano)

We came to Cafe Zen on Valentine’s Day for a lovely brunch. Expecting it would be busy, there was plenty of space at around 12pm when we went. The place has a very modest decor with their red plaid table covers and wooden panel floors and chairs. I would say it’s ideal for coffee dates with a friend or significant other. I would also say that it is worth the trip to come for a special occasion if you’re looking for a breakfast/brunch place to go to! It would be an extra bonus if it’s a nice sunny day in Kits.

tastyvancity ordered:



 The coffee is pretty standard as it’s a very light roasted coffee that has a slight sweetness to it. I enjoyed how they serve this type of coffee to suit its very modest and humble ambiance.


Crab/Avocado and Benjamine Benedict


This was simply a gorgeous dish. I’ve never seen such an amazing lookin’ bennie. The hollandaise sauce is thick and creamy, unlike at other places I have tried and it was probably one of the best bennies I have ever had. Cafe Zen also allows you to do a mix n’ match (you pay for the higher priced) for all those indecisive people out there like me.  The english muffins were lightly toasted so that they weren’t too chewy and the fillings were at a good portion. The hashbrowns, I felt, were freshly made and lightly fried so it wasn’t too heavy.  Overall, one of the best eggs benedict I have ever had!

Crab/Avocado Benedict

In essence, avocado makes anything good (in my opinion anyway). At Zen, they serve a spoonful of real crab with a thick layer of avocado.  I was afraid that the  crab would be very salty but in fact, it was not!  In combination with the hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs, this benedict was very enjoyable.


Eggs Benjamine

(Bacon Benedict )

If the Crab/Avocado Bendict wasn’t delicious enough, the bacon bennie just continued the delightfulness of the entire plate. First off, they serve at least 2-3 slices of CRISPY bacon. It was quite a good portion for the bennie and it was also  cut up and wasn’t dangling off the sides (I hate when that happens). At other places that I have been too, the bacon was more chewy so the thickness and crunchiness of this bacon can attest to its status as one of the best bennies in Vancouver! If you don’t think so, I want to hear your picks!


Chorizo Sausage and Benjamine Benedict


I didn’t order this dish but like the other bennies, the sausage portion was just as much as the others so that must be a plus! And all I heard was positive reviews.


– variety of table arrangements

– bright and spacious

– 2 hour street parking available

– cute decor; perfect for sunny days

– savoury and sweet breakfast items

– good portions of fillings for the benedicts


– limited service (one waitress was milling around, could be overwhelmed if there was a full house)

– hard to get to by transit

Will we return?

Definitely! Their benedicts are to die for!! I also hear that the pancakes are delicious too so I might try that on my next visit!

– s.

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  1. Thanks! Good food on the table disappears in seconds so you have to make sure you take pictures to remember the yummy goodness! 🙂

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