TRAVEL EDITION: Chickpea (Downtown Calgary)

SG and I decided to roam around  downtown one day so we stopped at Chickpea’s for lunch. Chickpea is a rather popular lunch joint for the many business people around the area, and after this lunch experience I can certainly understand why.

The exterior of the restaurant isn’t  all too attractive, but the food, without a doubt , makes up for it.

Beef Donair- $8.50

I prefer this to the falafel. Number 1, because there are THINLY SLICED PIECES OF  beef in it and I NEED MY MEAT. Number 2, the sweet and sour sauce or whatever the correct name for it is…. MAKES IT SO GOOD. I feel more open towards donair’s after this memorable experience and will definitely be looking for some back in Vancouver. It’s SG’s go-to selection.


Falafel- $7.00

Since the restaurant’ s name is Chickpea, it only makes sense to give the falafel a try. For those who are like myself and in the dark when it comes to knowing WHAT  a  falafel is…

it is ground up chick peas  served with onions, lettuce and a bunch of other sauces such as: garlic sauce, hummus and hot sauce, in a pita wrap. Not 100% sure if  I’ve got all of the sauces down correctly since I was not paying attention to the preparation process.

First  impressions of the falafel:  chickpeas definitely an interesting texture and alternative to meat. Halfway through, the chickpeas began to  grow on me but the overpowering taste of the garlic sauce did not.

For 7 bucks, it was quite filling and towards finishing the falafel- the sauces would gather and drip at the bottom making it incredibly messy to eat. All in all, a memorable first falafel experience!



  • Friendly service.
  • Decent food.
  • Prepared fresh in front of you.
  • Prices moderate- Under $10 lunch if NO DRINKS, SIDES OR DESSERT.


  • Can get pretty packed around lunch on weekdays.
  • Inside of restaurant a bit dingy.

Will I return?:

Yes, I’d come back for more donair action. YUM.

Overall: 8/10


**SG= Samwise Gamgee, my trusty calgarian cohort and part-time lover. Just kidding.

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