Time and time again, I always find myself returning to T.Pot.  This is usually because  SG and I are too lazy to make the journey down to  Sun’s BBQ on Centre st. T-Pot has never really failed us aside from the average-poor service depending on the time of the day. The quality of the dishes there are rather consistently decent, and it definitely helps that the restaurant is relatively clean, bright and spacious. SG picked me up from the airport and we decided to find a place close by for a quick bite. Hong Kong style cafe food really hits the spot after a 1 hr 2o min long flight from Vancouver!

Triple Baked Rice- $10.25

I usually have the Portuguese baked pork chop with rice, but I thought I’d try something new. How can one resist a baked tomato, white sauce and cheese dish?

If you’re familiar with chinese rice dishes, the triple baked is similar to yin yang fried rice except smothered with cheese.  Everything is better with a cheese overlay!

The pork chop was soft and tender, the frozen corn and carrots fulfilled my daily veggie servings. I left the shrimp for SG, since cooked shrimp is not my thing. All in all, a pretty solid dish enough to fill one person up.



  • Bright, spacious.
  • Moderate prices.
  • Late night: Open till 11pm.


  • Service slow, non existent when packed.

Will I return?:

Yes, SG and I tend to come here for our Hong Kong style food fixings since it is one of the better places in the NW/NE.

Overall: 7/10


T.Pot China Bistro on Urbanspoon


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