TRAVEL EDITION: Welcome to the YYC (Calgary)

Shikiji Japanese Restaurant

Nabeyaki Udon

Hot pot of shitake mushrooms, onions egg, enoki mushrooms, imitation crab and udon noodles served with a side of assorted tempura

Shikiji Udon

(Hot or Cold)
Wild “sansai” vegetables, tempura shrimp, tempura croutons, green onions, egg, fried bean curd, and noodles served with a side of “ten-tsuyu” sauce

Authentic Japanese and sizeable portions. Shikiji is best known for their ramen so be sure to give that a try. On the pricier end when comparing it to the prices of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.

Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi on Urbanspoon

Joey Tomatoes

Cheeseburger Sliders- $11.99

secret sauce and American cheese

Yam Fries- $8.49

Truffle with lemon aioli

Chocolate Lava Cake- $7.99

raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream

When it comes to chain restaurants, I prefer Joey’s over Moxie’s and Milestones. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Joey’s although I do suggest that you stick to the regular “American” dishes… because that’s what they’re known for. Stay away from those Asian inspired fusion ones.

If you’re a lover of yam fries like myself, I highly recommend that you order it! Secret ingredient definitely is the truffle lemon aioli.

Service was speedy hence why I suspect that the lava cake was prepared beforehand, as it was served cold. If you ever want a good lava cake, go to Cactus Club.

Joey Crowfoot on Urbanspoon

Craft Beer Market

Granville Island False Creek Raspberry Ale

an ultra-refreshing summer ale that combines premium malt and hops with Fraser Valley raspberries

Craft Macaroni and Cheese- $14

A blend of cheddar, gouda, mozzarella and fontina cheese, tossed with bacon and poblano peppers, topped with parsley and garlic breadcrumbs

I’m not a beer kind of girl, but I do appreciate a  good beer every now and then. We headed down to CRAFT beer market (which I suppose is the equivalent of a Steamworks) for some drinks after a 10 course wedding dinner. The place was pretty packed for a Thursday evening, the hostess was MIA and we had to find our own seating… We ended up hovering over a table (like  a hawk) and swooped in as soon as a party was about to leave.

Apart from that, there’s a large number of beers on tap. All your choices are available to you on paper to help with your selection. I had the opportunity to try the False Creek Raspberry Ale which I enjoyed immensely.  (** Mental note: Head down to the brewery at Granville Island)

Food and drinks were both satisfactory. All in all, it was a good experience and deserves AT LEAST one visit, although not impressive enough for me to return.

CRAFT Beer Market Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Satay Pho- $7.00


A combo of steam rice with roasted pork chops, spring rolls, soup and homemade fish sauce

Samwise Gamgee had told me a while back that Pho Hoai at Far East Shopping Centre in Chinatown has the best satay beef pho. Since we were in the downtown/Chinatown area, we braved the cold and trekked down there for late lunch. I think it falls under *hole in the wall * status, by judging from appearance- it isn’t the most glamorous of restaurants. While Samwise Gamgee had the satay pho, I chose the roasted pork chops with spring rolls largely due to the spring rolls served on the side. The pork chops were quite dry and I had to soak them heavily in the fish sauce to tenderize.

SG also noted that the noodles were different from the ones he had on his last visit (years prior), but the satay+ broth still reigns supreme.

Pho Hoai Vietnamese Noodle House on Urbanspoon

** Samwise Gamgee= my trusty calgarian cohort 



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