Marulilu Cafe (Vancouver)

After a four hour long boxing day shopping venture downtown, S and I took the train back to Broadway City Hall where she had parked her car in the nearby lot. We were famished from walking several lengthy blocks in the rain so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Marulilu across the station. We’ve passed by the cafe  on many occasions, but as always, did not have the time/opportunity to make it out to broadway for breakfast. Marulilu is what I would imagine most breakfast cafes in Japan to be like. The only experience I’ve had with these types of cafes has been through jdramas- which you, as a reader, may find quite sad. So on December 26th 2011 (marked on my calendar) I lost my Japanese breakfast cafe virginity.

I apologize for putting it so crassly, but at the time those were the words I could muster up to describe my experience.

Marulilu is a quaint little joint located on Broadway and Cambie. It definitely feels like a date-place (take note boys), but seeing as both of our significant others were nowhere in sight- we had ourselves a friendly catch up on the holidays brunch.

Creamy Corn Soup

Since S and I wanted a fairly light meal, we decided to order one soup and one meal to share. We had a choice of creamy corn or clam chowder, so naturally we opted for the corn. I don’t quite recall the price, but I believe it is in the 3.99-4.99 range for a small soup. S remarked that the soup, though thin- had a very sweet corn taste. It wasn’t thin in the watery sense, but notably absent was the thick starchy taste you would find with most cream soups.

We found the house salad   side to be quite fresh, and the bread to be a lovely addition to the soup.


Japanese Style Breakfast- $6.99

Quite basic and an incredibly healthy breakfast option. You really can’t go wrong with rice, tofu, omelette, grilled salmon and miso soup. My favourite of the bunch has to be the miso soup, one that I found to be flavourful without the chalky instant mix consistency and residue left on the tongue.



  • Healthy alternative to a heavy Western style Ihop or Mcdonalds breakfast.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Wide variety of food and drinks.
  • Accessible (by Canadaline).
  • Serves breakfast and lunch items.
  • Home-cooked feel.


  • Limited street parking .

Will we return?:

Yes, if ever in the area. I would like to try their belgian waffles, okonomiyaki, matchas and lattes.

Overall:  7.5/10

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