Dream Sushi (Main Street)

Dream sushi has been on our list of places to try for a while now, but we’ve never had the opportunity tountil today. SW wanted to eat somewhere closeby before heading to class,  and Dream sushi was an obvious choice and a breath of fresh air from our usual Vancouver eats. Along with our we headed down with our friend AB to this little sushi joint on Main and E 28th for a late lunch on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

tastyvancity ordered:

Lunch Box Special – $6.50

choice of two items listed on the menu

 Miso Soup

The  complimentary miso soup had just the right amount of flavour, neither too salty, nor too watery. It was fairly uniform in texture, kind of like chicken broth almost. When i say uniform in texture, I  mean there isn’t a gritty miso texture like you would find at some restaurants, and the soup didn’t separate (miso did not float up top).

 I downed this very quickly.


#1 – Chicken Teriyaki

A very scarce portion, which is to be expected of the $6.50 price tag.  It was roughly four slices of chicken on a bed of bean sprouts, broccoli and cabbage with a small serving of rice on the side. I found the sauce quite light- and very “thin” as far as teriyaki glaze sauces go. Not to be presumptuous, but  I have a strong  feeling some japanese restaurants (usually chinese/vietnamese/ korean run)  use the Kikkoman terriyaki sauce found in  grocery store aisles. Those straight out of the bottle sauces tend to be  syrupy thick and  overly sweet whereas the sauce at Dream Sushi was not. The lunch combo satisfied my hunger, but I wasn’t to the point of stuffed. If you have a larger appetite than me, you might have to end up ordering some other dishes to be full.


#2 – Spicy Salmon Roll

I have only encountered spicy tuna rolls in all my years of sushi eating, but never  spicy salmon.  For the sake of being adventurous, I decided to order it. The first thing I noticed was the heavy  rice vinegar taste, which I personally do not mind and have even come to enjoy.  The spicy salmon roll was very structured and did not unravel upon the first bite.  I was a little reluctant to order this roll because I was afraid the sauce would be too spicy and overpower the other flavours in the roll. This wasn’t the case at all, in fact the spicy sauce even improved the flavours from the raw fish.  The salmon was ground up and paired with some cucumber, so don’t expect  a ‘ large chunk’ of salmon like you would find in a salmon maki.


 Spider Roll – $8.95

yam roll topped with deep fried crab

AB ordered this so we are unable to give a proper review.

Agedashi Tofu – $4.50

This was a ‘just ’cause'” item that SW ordered. She cannot go to any Japanese restaurant without trying her beloved Agedashi Tofu. To her surprise, it was quite different than many other Japanese places that soak their tofu in sauce. The tofu came separate, and was sprinkled with a dash of seasoning to give it much more flavour. It was very reminiscent of a Chinese style fried tofu, as they served the usual sauce for dipping, instead of the tofu pieces being soaked in a bowl. Also, they didn’t even offer the option to dump the sauce because it was served on a piece of wax paper, on top of a weave patterned dish.

The tofu was a bit too firm for my liking since I find that Agedashi Tofu tastes a lot better using a softer texture of tofu. They did miss an element that would have made the dish a lot better, which is the shredded white carrot. I thought that if they had included it, the dish would have been a lot more tastier.


Commercial Roll – $8.95

spicy chicken & tempura eel topped with tobiko

Now when the menu said Tempura Eel, I thought that the unagi on top of the sushi would be fried. Unfortunately, it wasn’t; however, the roll still tasted really good! I was delighted about the quality of chicken meat they used in the sushi. It was meaty and it didn’t taste refrigerated or old. The chicken tasted very fresh. The combination of chicken, unagi, cucumbers, and spicy mayo was a unique eating experience. My only concern is that the sauce tasted more on the spicier side, I felt that they could have used more Japanese mayo in the sauce to give it a thicker texture.

They also didn’t use much rice, which made me ponder about the price. I could understand that it would be reasonable for someone with a smaller appetite, the portion seems just right (for me anyway); on the other hand, if I was a big hungry man, I would have to eat at least two or three of these rolls to be satisfied. With that being said, that would amount to $20-$25 for sushi rolls, which is a bit damaging to the wallet, especially for a university student (for example).

But by trying one of Dream Sushi’ specialty rolls, I would definitely come back again… just not when I’m extremely hungry because I would have to end up ordering two of these!



  • Decently priced.
  • A very neighbourhood/intimate vibe- (thank you posters from customers/ elementary school students).
  • Large and creative selection of specialty rolls.


  • Not authentic Japanese; Chinese run.
  • Service a little on the slow end, our friend AB’s spider roll took a half hour to arrive.
  • Street parking.
  • Small with limited seating.

Will I return? : Definitely to try some of their other specialty rolls. This is definitely somewhere you can go to get cheap eats if you order their lunch combo.

Overall:  7/10

-g & s.

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